Looking For SHSU Off-Campus Housing? Here Are Tips to Get the Best

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Student Housing Center

Heading off to Sam Houston State University (SHSU)? Well, you should start thinking of the best place to stay. Just like any other campus, SHSU provides on-campus dorms. However, not many students prefer these dorms for several reasons. Nonetheless, if your option is to get SHSU off-campus housing, the following tips might help you land the best:

Look For Private Landlords

Applying for housing through a large complex isn’t always a good idea. This is because it lands you in apartments managed by property management companies. The dangers of this are that the management companies operate on strict rules. Plus, they aren’t open to price negotiations whatsoever. Therefore, you’ll end up paying more while living under strict rules. On the other hand, private landlords are more understandable. They tend to be more relaxed on housing policies, making you enjoy student life.

Offer To Pay Upfront.

Besides working with a private landlord, you should also pay an upfront fee to speed up your tenancy application. Landlords take tenants with upfront or security deposits more seriously than those who don’t. If you find suitable housing that you can afford, paying upfront fees will help you secure the key.

Schedule Property Tours

Scheduling property tours is another key factor you must consider when searching for SHSU off-campus housing. Unless you personally visit the apartments, you cannot know the real condition of the property. Therefore, take your time to visit the apartments before signing the deal.

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