Pet Hospital Orange CA Rehabilitation Therapy Services

Rehabilitation therapy for pets is a rapidly emerging field of veterinary medicine. It involves using specially designed techniques, equipment and exercises to help dogs and cats regain the physical abilities that they might have lost due to age, injury, illness or surgery. These rehabilitation therapy techniques can promote peek physical fitness and prolong the life of your pet. If your pet requires rehabilitation therapy, check your area for a specialized pet hospital. Orange CA pet hospitals can provide various treatment plans to help your pet develop a better range of motion.

What Exactly Is Rehabilitation Therapy?
Pet rehabilitation is similar to human physical therapy and includes the same goals. These may include a faster recovery from a surgery or injury, to decrease pain and discomfort, improve agility and endurance, promote weight loss, increase flexibility and mobility and enhance the pet’s quality of life. Regular rehabilitation therapy can also help ward off future medical problems as the pet maintains physical function.

How Rehabilitation Works
The ultimate goal of rehabilitation therapy for pets is to help the animal move better and eventually feel better. The way this is done depends on the individual needs of the patient and medical diagnosis. For example, elderly pets will require a different type of rehabilitation therapy than pets recovering from an injury. Information about your pet’s specific treatment plan can be addressed with your pet hospital. Orange CA pet hospitals will work with you and your pet to ensure he receives the best care possible.

Types of Treatment Plans
Your vet may recommend one or several different types of treatments to help with your pet’s mobility. This may include a combination of stretching, massage, therapeutic lasers, neuromuscular electrical stimulation or specialized exercise programs. For the comfort of your pet, your vet may also provide pain management protocols or other remedies that gives your pet the best quality of life while in treatment.

Conditions That Rehab Can Help
Pet rehabilitation can help with a plethora of different medical conditions and illnesses, including orthopedic, neurological and age associated conditions. Common conditions that can be helped using rehabilitation therapy include hip dysplasia, arthritis, post-operative recovery, disk problems, paralysis, obesity, sport injuries, as well as traumatic injuries, such as getting hit by a car. If you are interested in rehabilitation therapy for any other type of illness or injury, consult with your vet about the benefits of these regular treatments.

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