Purchasing Dome Cameras for Security

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a dome camera for a security system. There is the question of whether the dome camera is for indoor or outdoor use, if nighttime surveillance is needed, if high resolution is needed, etc. Having these questions answered ahead of time can help to really save a lot of money on the purchase of dome security cameras.

Use Outdoors

For outdoor use, the dome camera needs to be weather proof. The camera must also be able to continue to operate with the changing temperatures. The good news is that most outdoor dome security cameras have the ability to operate in the most extreme of conditions. They can operate from extreme lows of -40 degrees Fahrenheit or to extreme highs of 122 degrees Fahrenheit. If the dome camera is going to be installed in any extreme conditions, it is always wise to first check the safe operating for the dome camera before making the purchase.

Most dome cameras transmit with the standard NTSC video signal. This is great for all DVR devices and computers. It is a universal signal that any device can decode. Now there are varying degrees of resolution available, so it is really up to the application. For long range or detailed recordings of surveillance video, a higher resolution is needed. Casinos obviously use the highest resolution dome cameras available on the market. For most practical needs, just 600 lines of resolution is plenty.

Constant Monitoring

For 24 hour surveillance, it is absolutely imperative that a dome camera with night vision capabilities be installed. It is wise to have this even if the dome camera is for inside use where the lights are always on. The lights could always go out either by accident or on purpose by the perpetrator. If this happens, then it renders the dome camera useless if it does not have any night vision capabilities.

Finally, for added security it is usually wise to go ahead and purchase a dome camera that is resistant to vandalism. They do not cost that much more than a regular dome camera and gives the owner an added sense of security. The perpetrator will not be able to knock the dome camera out of order, which will hopefully deter any further acts.

Dome cameras can provide an excellent addition to any security system for both the home or business. They are designed to give an eye in the sky for the owner while maintaining discreteness. The dome cameras do a very good job of blending into the room and building so even at first glance it is hard to even notice the cameras watching. Plus it is hard to tell which way the camera is actually facing.

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