Reaching the Best Possible Settlement After a Car Accident in Harford County, MD

One reason people hire a personal injury lawyer after a Car Accident in Harford County MD is that determining the amount of compensation they deserve is difficult. They don’t know how to calculate a dollar figure the insurance company will accept and pay.

Costs That Aren’t Straightforward

Some of the costs are straightforward, such as property damage to the vehicle, medical expenses that have already been invoiced, and lost wages while the person couldn’t work. But, what about the possibility of future medical expenses? What if the individual needs ongoing physical therapy? What if this person is seeing a counselor to deal with the lingering emotional trauma of the incident?

Case Disputes

After a serious Car Accident in Harford County MD, an injured person should not have to settle for less than he or she deserves. Without professional legal representation, a person may be blindsided by disputes from the insurer about the claim. For example, the underwriters may have discovered that the claimant visited a chiropractor a few times the year before. Now they might question whether the car accident actually caused a back injury or whether this was a pre-existing condition.

Startling Differences in First and Final Offers

Sometimes, the difference between the low settlement the insurer first offers and the final one negotiated by an attorney is shocking to the claimant. The original offer might have been only a few thousand, but a lawyer with a firm such as the Law Offices of Markey and Orsi may negotiate until that amount is raised by more than $20,000. Please visit the website to learn more about this particular organization.

Personal Injury Lawyer Fees

It’s important to note that personal injury lawyers typically receive one-third of the settlement as their fee, so the extra compensation they acquire for the client must be substantial enough for the person to actually benefit from it. In this particular example, the client would personally receive about five times more than the original offer after paying an attorney about $8,000. Typically, none of that money has to be paid upfront as the lawyer automatically receives it from the settlement check.

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