Safety Tips from a Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney in Twin Falls, ID

People who ride motorcycles love the feeling of freedom on the road and camaraderie with other cyclists. However, motorcyclists are at a higher risk of having an accident than car drivers, and those accidents are likely to have severe consequences. The following are a few safety tips from a motorcycle accident injury attorney in Twin Falls, ID.

Be Visible

Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents happen because drivers fail to notice the motorcyclist, especially when the driver is turning left and the motorcyclist is approaching in the oncoming lane. One helpful safety measure is to wear bright colors and use reflective strips on the vehicle. Motorcyclists should always use their headlights day and night, and they should never take it for granted that drivers are aware of them.

Wear Protective Clothing

Motorcyclists can also minimize their risk of serious injury by using protective clothing. This includes long pants and sleeves, ideally in leather or another very durable material, gloves, eye protection and, of course, a sturdy helmet. Motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets double their risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury. It’s also important to replace a helmet every five years or after any accident.

Avoid High-Risk Situations and Behaviors

When driving conditions are risky for car drivers, motorcyclists should avoid them altogether. Heavy rain and ice are especially dangerous for motorcyclists. Also, behaviors like speeding or driving under the influence are even riskier for motorcyclists than for car drivers.

Be Aware of Cars Changing Lanes

In addition to left turns at intersections, lane changes are another circumstance when drivers are likely to ignore a motorcycle. Thus, motorcyclists should be very careful to stay out of a car’s blind spot and be prepared to avoid a car that moves into the motorcycle’s space. Even if the motorcycle is visible to the driver, the driver may not notice a motorcycle when they want to change lanes.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists will always be at a higher risk than car drivers of having accidents and suffering injuries. To learn more about motorcycle safety and to deal with the consequences of an accident, visit our website to contact a motorcycle accident injury attorney in Twin Falls, ID.

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