Scientists And Experience Chasers Know How To Find The Best Pot Washington

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Cannabis Store

Marijuana does not have to be complicated unless you want it to be. There are some pot users out there that like to know the exact blend of marijuana they are about to experience. Others just want to feel energy, the munchies or couch lock. They don’t care much about the specific compounds. But you can get the best pot Washington no matter which approach to cannabis you choose.

The Strain Scientists

There is a particular type of avid cannabis user that enjoys the science of the experience. This type of user goes above and beyond the knowledge that sativa gives you a bit of energy while indica can cure insomnia with drowsiness. The strain scientist knows the difference between indoor and outdoor strains as well as each individual terpene.

The Experience Chaser

Other cannabis users just like to feel good. Some choose to use sativa to make housework more enjoyable or to enhance the experience of an energetic concert with friends. Or they choose to experience the tingling body high of indica while enjoying snacks, a funny movie and the comfort of a couch. The experience chasers simply know what type of feeling they enjoy but don’t necessarily need to know the science.

Which One Are You?

If you’re looking for specific terpenes, then you’ll want a knowledgeable staff at a dispensary. You’ll also want a smart budtender if you’re an experience chaser because they’ll shepherd you to the proper product. It’s the only way to get the best pot Washington.

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