Selecting a Foundation Repair Company in Fairfax VA

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

Cracks, crumbling, and structural damage are exceptionally dangerous when they appear in the foundation of a building. One crack can be fixed without too much trouble. A crumbling corner will require immediate repairs, but it can be done without massive disruption. Structural damage can range from taking fast action to evacuating the building. Buildings can become unstable and unpredictable when structural damage reaches a certain point.


The first element of a foundation repair company in Fairfax VA to search for is experience. One or two decades ought to be enough. Assessing the condition of the foundation and presenting options takes practice, skill, and many foundation repairs under the belt. Be sure to get a free consultation and estimate before any work begins. Ask plenty of questions, be sure you understand the problem and feel comfortable with the solution.


Any products used by the foundation repair company in Fairfax VA will have a warranty from the manufacturer. A guarantee on the craftsmanship is another element to find in a company. Interior and exterior structural crack repairs, for example, can fail if not properly filled in the first time. A guarantee on the work means those cracks will be repaired again at no cost to the homeowner.

Possible Interventions

Severe structural damage can require a number of interventions. Carbon fiber reinforcement, wall replacement, exterior excavation, footer repair, and underpinning are effective but not cheap. It is more cost-effective to have an experienced company, such as Business Name, inspect the foundation and determine if there are any signs of leaking or damage.

In addition to the cost of the repairs, homeowners may also incur expenditures related to the damage. Hotel costs while the home is being repaired, the decrease in the value of the house, and taking care of any damages to the yard can add up to a small fortune. A company that provides one-hundred percent financing will be helpful to any building owner facing the cost of foundation repair. This is all the more reason to find out what the condition of the foundation is before major repairs are required or problems present themselves.

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