Show Your Support For a Non-Profit in Fort Myers With These Simple Ideas

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Non Profit Organization

You might think that spending a lot of money or purchasing an abundance of items is the only way to support a non-profit organization. However, there are a few simple ways you can show your support that you could be doing every day.

Online Shopping

One way to support a non-profit organization in Fort Myers, FL is by shopping online. A small portion of what you spend may be sent to the organization that you choose. You can also contact the business to see if there’s a specific website that they prefer shoppers use. Sometime non-profits will have a “wish list” where you can purchase items they are needing (if that’s something you are interested in).


Another way to help a non-profit organization based in Fort Myers, FL is to enlist the help of other people. Starting an online fundraiser is extremely helpful and limitless in possibilities trespassing borders. You could also sell baked goods or other items to raise funds and purchase supplies for the organization, you could also donate the money for the organization to use where it may be most urgent.

Go Help

Book a trip to the organization and volunteer. Ask about volunteering, different organizations have different options when it comes to this. See your options.

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