Smart Tips to Care for a Granite Countertop Stuart, Florida

Countertops provide homeowners with space to prepare meals, keep necessary household items, and display ornamental belongings. A smart way to make good use of these purposes is to install granite countertops. Since granite is durable and unique in its mineralogy, installation can significantly enhance the value of a home. It can also give a homeowner an easy-to-keep-clean work station. After an installation, implement the following tips to care for granite countertops.

Apply a Granite Sealer

To preserve the longevity and aesthetic value of a granite countertop Stuart, Florida, apply a granite sealer after installation. First, clean the countertop with a household cleanser and allow it to dry. Hold the sealer in your hands and lightly shake it. Spray the sealer in even strokes to ensure that all spots are covered. Let sit for about 5 minutes. Apply another coat and let it sit for about 30 minutes. A rough cloth can be used to buff the countertop. A sealer brings out the shine and color in a countertop.

Promptly Clean Up Spills

To keep a granite countertop Stuart, Florida free from discoloration, always clean up spills promptly. Since granite is porous, it’s always necessary to wipe up spills before they soak into the granite and attach themselves to internal minerals. Use a mild household cleanser and soft sponge or cloth. Simply spray the cleanser and fully wipe it up. Repeat this step when spilled substances are still on the granite. Allow to air dry or use a soft cloth for drying.

Avoid Dings and Scratches

Although granite is very durable, it can be scratched by sharp objects or sharp edges. Take off jewelry before cleaning. Don’t drag heavy objects or small appliances across a granite countertops Stuart, Florida. When it’s necessary to move a heavy object across granite, place it on a thick towel. Move the thick towel across the granite surface for protection

Using these tips makes it easier for a homeowner to care for granite countertops. Education also helps a homeowner avoid the need for a replacement or an expensive repair. For information on countertops, please talk to an expert at Jay’s Floors And More Inc. This company offers services for flooring, cabinets, and countertops.

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