Storm Damage and Tree Maintenance in Smyrna, GA

Georgia is known for its delicious peaches, gorgeous sunsets, and beautiful landscapes. Georgia is a wonderful place to live, and many people love calling Georgia home. However, during storm season, Georgians face threats of tornados, high wind speeds, and hail. Sometimes the storms are so strong they damage or even upend trees. What happens when a tree falls into your home? Will you try and remove it yourself or call for expert tree maintenance in Smyrna GA? Storm damage recovery experts will tell you never to attempt a DIY tree removal job.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Did you know homeowner’s insurance will cover tree maintenance in Smyrna, GA, if it is required due to storm damage? Tree removal is one type of tree maintenance. Your contractor can help you file a claim with your insurance over the phone. You will receive a claim number and a date when your adjuster will visit. The representative will tell you to save all your receipts if you decide to perform any repairs before the adjuster arrives. The best tree maintenance and removal companies will render services and help restore your home before a check arrives in the mail.

Safety First

It is very dangerous to remove a tree that has fallen into your home or onto your property. An expert tree removal and maintenance specialist will have the right tools and equipment to lift and remove the tree from your home. They will also tarp areas to protect your home from potential bad weather until your roof, wall, or other structural support is replaced.