The Importance of Proper Charleston ADHD Diagnostics and Treatment for Kids

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Health Care

All children struggle with learning from time to time. But when the struggle is more frequent and the child has difficulty paying attention, they may have ADHD.

Common ADHD Symptoms

For parents who have a child with ADHD, life can be challenging. There are a host of symptoms that ADHD can cause in children. The most common symptoms are disorganization, scattered bursts of energy, lack of focus, and lack of motivation. However, there are several other signs that may appear which can show that a child has ADHD, including:

• Poor Management of Their Time

• Tardiness

• Forgetfulness

• Impulsive Behavior

• Problems with Anger

• Non-Illness Related Fatigue

• Anxiety

• Restlessness

• Lack of Self-Esteem

• Reading Comprehension Problems

• Difficulty with Relationships

• Poor Grades

Getting the Right Diagnosis and Help

The first place ADHD is often recognized as a potential problem for a child is in the classroom. Many of the symptoms associated with the disorder interfere with a child’s ability to process information and properly attend to their schoolwork both in and out of the classroom.

For people with a child that may have ADHD, getting the best ADHD specialist in Charleston, SC, can be vital in managing this complex disorder. The good news is that with the right diagnosis and treatment, children that have ADHD can lead productive, happy, and successful lives.

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