The Many Advantages of CPVC Pipes and Pipe Fittings in Industry

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Industrial Equipment

CPVC plastic is even more resistant to corrosion and fire than regular PVC, and this means that CPVC pipes and CPVC pipe fittings have many uses. In fact, you will find pressurized CPVC piping used in sprinkler systems and other industrial applications everywhere. Furthermore, the material generally satisfies mechanical and plumbing codes in North America and elsewhere.

Many Advantage

CPVC pipes and CPVC pipe fittings have been widely used since the late 1950’s, and this trend will likely continue. To start with, CPVC pipes are excellent for carrying water because of their strength, lightweight nature and resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, minerals do not build up on this type of piping the way it does on others.

This piping is very easy to transport, and it is easy to work with when it is being installed or when the plumbing or mechanical system is being maintained. Additionally, because it is so popular, it is available in pretty much any size that is used in industrial piping.

There is no flame involved in its installation, only glues and primers. This makes installation not only safer but more efficient than with other types of piping and fittings. Because it is so tough, it is not likely to break during installation, and it will not rot away underground or elsewhere.

Another advantage is that CPVC plastic has no scrap value, so you don’t have to worry about thieves trying to take it. In short, CPVC pipes and fittings can be used in pretty much any situation, both residential and industrial.

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