Top Reasons to Choose Bifacial Solar Panels in Orange County, CA

Technology continues to make advancements in every field, including alternative energy sources such as solar power. Bifacial solar panels in Orange County, CA, have cells on both sides of each panel instead of just one, allowing them to absorb sunlight from two sides at once.

More Energy Absorption

Efficiency is often used for how much sunlight turns into energy. Most products operate at about 20 percent efficiency. Bifacial solar panels in Orange County, CA, produce more power per panel because they absorb energy from both sides. Even if they face east or west, they will continue to produce energy throughout the day.

Better Durability Than One-Sided Designs

The bifacial design makes the panels more durable than the conventional design because they have glass covers on both sides. Glass may not sound like it increases durability, but tempered grass is robust.

Improved Visual Appeal

The double-glass design offers a thinner profile. Most consider this to be more aesthetically pleasing when compared to traditional designs. Bifacial solar panels in Orange County, CA, are fitted with silver or black frames that provide a sleeker look no matter where you place them.

Economical Advantage

Of course, it depends on the application, but bifacial modules may give homeowners an economic advantage. They tend to produce more energy per panel on average. This higher yield may mean you need fewer panels to generate the necessary power.

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