Understanding The Pros and Cons of Solar Leasing In New Jersey

Over the last decade the world has been moving more and more towards renewable energy. As a result many homeowners are looking for ways they can easily go green.

Solar power is one of the most mainstream sources of renewable energy a homeowner can invest in. And if you have enough ground or roof area, you can power 100% of your home with nothing but solar energy.

What Is a Solar Lease?

If you are interested in solar power, one of your biggest concerns may be price. With a solar lease you will be able to lease solar panels without any money down, and with a very affordable monthly fee.

Pros of Solar Leasing In New Jersey

The biggest benefit to a solar lease is your ability to go solar without any upfront costs. That means you will be able to save as much as $30,000 in installation costs.

Cons of Solar Leasing In New Jersey

As with all things, there are a few drawbacks to solar leasing. The biggest disadvantage is that you won’t qualify for the tax cuts that are often given to those who buy the solar panels outright.

When you lease solar panels the company will get those benefits instead of the homeowner.

There will also be no added value to the home since you don’t own the panels. Even still, if you can’t afford the upfront costs associated with solar panels, a lease presents a viable option. If you’re interested in leasing solar panels in the state of New Jersey, please follow NJ Solar Power, LLC on twitter.