Ways a Greensboro Attorney Can Help With a Disability Claim

by | May 20, 2022 | Law

If you’re unable to work due to an illness or injury, then you could file a disability claim so that you have funds to support your family. An attorney can help through the process and can offer assistance if you’re initially denied.

First Contact

When you make the decision to contact a Greensboro disability lawyer, you’ll talk about the reason why you want to file a claim. The attorney will likely want to get copies of your medical records and could want to speak with your doctor. After gathering the information, the attorney will decide whether or not you have a case and the possible outcomes of filing the claim.


When you hire a Greensboro disability lawyer, you want to make sure they will advocate for you so that you get the benefits that you deserve. The lawyer should work on the claim from the beginning and be there with you through the appeal process if you’re denied instead of letting you handle the communication with the court and insurance companies on your own or only being available if you’re denied.

Getting Ready

There is a process that your attorney will likely go through in order to get you ready for the hearing. All of the deadlines should be met for filing paperwork and completing requests. All of your medical records should be obtained, and any medical tests performed to ensure that any evidence is ready to be presented to the court so that you stand a better chance of having your claim approved as soon as possible.

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