What Hemp Terpenes Are and How They Work

When talking about cannabis — as is all the conversation these days — there are several aspects that get brought up. One of them will no doubt be terpenes since they play a role in both the flavor and aroma of cannabis products.

You’ll hear about a lot of different terpenes, but hemp derived terpenes will no doubt come up quite a bit. But what are hemp terpenes and how do they work? Let’s get into it.

What Are Hemp Terpenes?

To put it simply, terpenes naturally occur within plants and even some animals. They are what create the flavors, aromas, and sometimes the colors that we see in specific types of vegetation.

Terpenes can be processed to create any number of products, including dyes, cleaning solvents, and even some therapeutic products. They are one of the more versatile parts of most plants and are found in so many things.

What Terpenes Do

It is thought that the terpenes protect plants from predators and harsh weather. What they do for us, however, is still kind of up in the air. Basically, they work with other cannabinoids to create strains with different appealing factors.

Two different strains might have the same THC levels, for instance, but provide substantially different experiences. We are still learning more about terpenes and how they can be combined with other cannabis components to create unique, enjoyable strains. When in doubt, do a little bit of research to see what kind of strain appeals to you most.