What Qualities Do You Want in a Transfer Agent?

The typical transfer agent manages a multitude of financial documents and transactions. Most of them focus on the twin activities of issuance and transfer. Today, agents rely on quality software to manage those tasks. In order to ensure that the agent you select provides the best service and is using superior software, make sure these qualities are present.

Prompt Handling of Tasks

While some tasks are complex and require more time to complete, others can be managed in very little time. You want an agent who knows how to prioritize tasks and get things done in a timely manner. This is important since delays could end up costing money. When the agent is efficient and the software used is equally efficient, nothing is left undone.

Attention to Detail

There are a lot of details that go in the process of issuing new shares of stock, transferring ownership of financial assets, and in general making sure that tasks are complete. The ideal transfer agent will know how to track each transaction and ensure that the process is accurate and complete. At a moment’s notice, the agent should be able to tell you the current status of any task, including the projected time when it will be completed.

Excellent Record Keeping Skills

The maintenance of historical financial records is key to the work of any transfer agent. You want to know that the agent can retrieve history on any transaction if the need arises. This is especially important if a participating party or some type of governmental entity has questions about the transaction. With all the data readily available, it’s often possible to resolve the questions in little to no time.

Choose your agent and software with care. In the best-case scenario, the result will be more efficient management of your investments and the opportunity to grow a more lucrative portfolio. With the right approach, the relationship with the agent will last for years and be one that both of you find beneficial.

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