What Smart Families Know Before Choosing Assisted Living in Melbourne, FL

Perhaps no decision is as fraught with emotion as thinking about when and where to place a loved one in a senior living facility. However, there are ways to make the process easier and provide peace of mind for all of you. Here are three things smart families have researched when considering assisted living in Melbourne, FL.

How Is the Facility Designed?

For your family, it’s not a facility, but a home for your loved one. Does it look cold and austere like an institution? Does it look like a welcoming place for your parent, grandparent or sibling to call home? Look for indoor and outdoor gardens, courtyards and gathering areas that feature comfortable seating and small touches like potted plants and soft lighting.

What’s the Staff-to-Resident Ratio?

While everyone understands no assisted living facility in Melbourne, FL, can guarantee one-on-one care around the clock, it’s still important to consider how many staff members are on duty in relation to how many residents there are. When touring a facility, ask what the standard is and how often the facility actually attains it. Also, find out what roles the staff members have and how many are CNAs, LPNs, RNs or aides?

How Is This Facility Rated?  

Find out what state and local approvals, certifications or other regulations apply to assisted living in Melbourne, FL. Call and talk to representatives of the facility you’re considering to see which agencies conduct evaluations and how you can examine those results. Explore what the minimum standards are for the ratings the senior care home receives.

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