What to Expect When Booking Celebrity Speakers

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Corporate Entertainment Service

So you’d like to invite a celebrity speaker to your event, right? This is a fantastic idea. Having celebrity speakers at your event is a great way to liven it up with their inspirational speeches and superbly engaging stories. JLA is enthusiastic about helping clients book recognisable speakers who captivate attendees, ensure they remain attentive, and retain the information they hear.


The flights are often booked just a few days before the event due to schedule changes. The majority of celebrity speakers will fly in on the day of the event if it is later that day. Many celebrities demand a private jet, so find out who is in charge of hiring it and how the payment will be handled.

Presentation Time

Find out how long they are interested in speaking. The majority of people seem to prefer 30 minutes, and some will only participate in regulated discussions or fireside chats.

Hotel Booking

On the client contract, some celebrity speakers demand a four-to-five-star hotel suite. They sometimes opt to stay in hotels that are not affiliated with the event. Some people will travel with a companion who will need a room as well. So make sure all the arrangements have been made prior to the event.

Flight Itinerary

You should book a celebrity speaker six to eight months in advance. When a celebrity is filming, their shows usually take priority over speaking engagements, so planning three to four event dates is a good idea. Also, have three possible speakers in mind in case of schedule conflicts.

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