What to Know About Air Crush Equipment

When you want to improve the productivity and simplicity of handling your cattle, you can use Air Crush equipment from a company such as RPM Livestock Equipment. You get a pneumatic crush as well as numerous other pieces of equipment, and you can still operate it manually by disconnecting the air arms. It is made of galvanized steel and improves the productivity of your operations.

What Is the Ultimate Air Crush?

The Ultimate Air Crush is an air-powered pneumatic crush that comes with other pieces of equipment. You can disconnect the air arms to operate it manually, and it is made with high-tensile galvanized steel. It works well for small feedlots and large commercial operations, and it offers a parallel, double-sided squeeze. It comes with spey and injection gates, and it has swing-away control panel operation. You can control the speed, and it helps to improve the productivity in your cattle handling.

Air Equipment Elements

The Ultimate Air Crush comes with additional elements. First, you get an air headbail, which is pneumatic. It is a full walk-through with rubber lined doors, and you can choose to operate it air-assisted or manually. It offers a quick, quiet close and release, which reduces manual labor. You also get a 3-way air drafter and an air-sliding gate. You can quickly block and separate animals, and it is operated by a push button at the gate. Using the Ultimate Air Crush is a great way to improve your productivity and simplify your operations.