When Do You Need Forensic Accounting in Atlanta, GA?

Forensic accounting in Atlanta, GA is beneficial for a wide range of scenarios, from fraud to bankruptcy. Here are some of the situations where you should consider hiring a forensic accountant.

Fraud Investigation

If you suspect fraud within your organization, you may need forensic accounting in Atlanta, GA. Embezzlement, false invoicing, and manipulation of financial statements are a few of the issues that forensic accountants can look for. They’re trained to identify the signs of fraudulent activities and gather the evidence needed for legal proceedings.

Litigation Support

Forensic accountants are often involved in litigation. You can rely on forensic accountants to assist in calculating damages, valuing assets, and analyzing financial documents related to divorce cases, insurance claims, and other legal proceedings.

Business Valuation

Forensic accounting is useful for obtaining an accurate business valuation. This may be necessary for mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and partnership disputes. You can expect a forensic accountant to evaluate the financial health and potential earnings of a company, ensuring that you have a clear, unbiased picture of a business’s worth.


Forensic accountants can assess the finances of a business when going through the bankruptcy process. They can identify any irregularities or fraudulent activities that may have contributed to the business’s current financial situation. They can also help in the restructuring process and ensure that assets are fairly distributed to creditors.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies often rely on forensic accounting in Atlanta, GA when dealing with insurance claims. Forensic accountants can assess the extent of the loss and look for discrepancies.

These are a few of the areas where hiring a forensic accountant is essential. Any situation where you need a closer look at your finances may benefit from skilled forensic accounting.