Why All College Students in Baton Rouge Should Opt for Student Housing

by | Nov 28, 2020 | Student Housing Center

Thousands of college students dream of the day in which they will be able to experience the dorm life only to find out that it isn’t nearly as exciting as Hollywood makes it out to be. Here is why student housing apartments are a much better option.

They Are More Cost-Effective

Dorm costs are through the roof, putting a lot of students in a financial bind. The cost to occupy a space includes a bunch of miscellaneous expenses for services that often go unused. However, with student housing near LSU, renters are usually only required to cover their rent, leaving them with more cash to spend elsewhere.

They Are More Spacious

The average dorm is super tiny and lacks storage space, forcing a lot of students to downsize before moving in. But when choosing student housing near LSU, renters will be granted the space to store all of their belongings and more. Not to mention, the bathrooms and kitchen space make for a much more comfortable living experience.

They Provide More Freedom

There may be a lot to both explore and enjoy on a college campus, but there are a lot of rules and regulations to follow as well, especially curfews. While remaining close to campus, student housing complexes allow renters the freedom and leniency to make the most out of their college experience.
Instead of getting stuck in a cramped dorm room with a not-so-likable roommate, visit Alight Baton Rouge to find out about all of the great deals and luxurious amenities that this beautiful student housing complex has to offer.

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