Why to Hire a Professional to Install Crawl Space Insulation in Tacoma WA

Homeowners may only think about the insulation in their attics or their walls and neglect another critical area. The crawlspace under a house also affects the energy efficiency of a home. Any home will cost more to heat and cool if there is no protection underneath the structure. A crawlspace is vulnerable to all temperature extremes unlike the walls of a full basement. It may seem easy to add a layer of insulation as a DIY project, but there are many reasons Crawl Space Insulation in Tacoma WA is a job for the experts.

Prevent Moisture Problems

One of the biggest concerns when adding insulation is how to address the moisture created by the difference in air temperature between the interior and the exterior of the crawlspace. Ventilation helps to prevent problems that can lead to mold and mildew. The installation method must change if ventilation is not already available and is too complex or expensive to add.

Apply Enough Insulation

An important detail is how much insulation to install in a home to give it the most energy efficiency possible without adding more than what the home needs. All homes must have some airflow, so it is a bad idea to fill every gap. Not only could over insulating lead to the moisture problems listed above, it also wastes money on insulation that the homeowner did not need. Too little protection and the problem of energy loss continues.

Choose Correct Product

Not only does it matter how much protection a house needs from Crawl Space Insulation in Tacoma WA, but what type as well. How does a homeowner choose between the rows of foam boards and blocks, loose and blown in insulation and foil backed insulation sheets? They may need foam insulation, rolls of the product or panels may work better instead. An expert can look at the location and the conditions in the crawlspace and decide what method is the most effective for each home.

The experts at 316 Insulation routinely visit homes missing insulation or with inadequate protection against the warm, humid summers and cold winters common in the area. Homeowners cannot reduce their utility bills in a home that lacks insulation. Visit 316 Insulation to find out more today.