Why You Should Install This Type Of Ladder For Hospitality Businesses

You have been managing your hospitality business for several months, having acquired an investment property to grow your brand of rental services. You have hired an in-house maintenance crew to help perform necessary repairs throughout the property but have been hearing complaints that you have not provided pertinent equipment to ensure safety. What types of safety equipment will you need to help avoid injuries and liabilities?

The Standard Ladder

Your maintenance team has probably been using standard ladders to perform repairs. While they are the obvious choice when it comes to reaching certain heights, standard ladders may not provide adequate support for frequent, heavy-duty tasks like rooftop HVAC repair, roof maintenance, and other similar applications. For this reason, installing an aluminum fixed ladder might just be the solution. Here’s why.

Safety and Compliance

This type of ladder can be used to not only ensure safety but also compliance, as they are permanently affixed to structures. These ladders can be equipped with fall prevention accessories like brakes and locking mechanisms to further enhance safety, making it the best alternative to standard ladders you may find at the local hardware store.

OSHA Compliant Products

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