What to look for with Chimney Repair Services in Norfolk

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

When looking for Chimney Repair Norfolk VA it is important to consider certain factors before hiring. All chimney sweeps and repair professionals must be certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. It is also recommended that companies that provide chimney cleaning and repair services be locally based. Locally based companies have a better understanding of the systems and issues that are prominent in the region. Another thing to consider is insurance coverage. In the unlikely event that property damage occurs during a repair, it is important that the company have insurance to cover the cost of such damage.

Chimney Caps
Repair and replacement of chimney caps may seem like a minor issue, but it is vital for the health and safety of the family. Fireplace caps are there to protect the chimney and the home from unwanted pests. It’s not a great feeling to walk in the house and have a wild bird, bat, or rodent inside. Not to mention the health and safety hazards this type of situation creates. The cap should appear in working order, and free of rust or holes.

Fire Safety Precautions
If the firebox has manifested cracks or has visible mortar missing, do not use the fireplace. There is immediate risk of fire, and it either needs to be repaired or rebuilt. There are chimney repair companies in Norfolk VA that provide masonry repair and restoration. If extensive damage has occurred it is possible the entire firebox will need to be rebuilt. If the fireplace has not been well maintained, it can promote a deadly and highly flammable buildup of creosote. This type of creosote is typically shiny and glazes the surface of the flue or chimney wall. It is impossible for this level of creosote to be removed, and the fireplace is deemed unusable due to fire hazard.

Energy Efficiency
If left open or unsealed a fireplace damper may direct air out of the chimney. This may lead to 25 percent of the total heating, cooling or gas bill being directed straight out of the house. To prevent this from happening, the damper may need to be sealed, repaired, or replaced with a new energy efficient model. Doing so can have a major positive impact on energy consumption and monthly utility bills.

Unlike brick on the rest of the house, chimney masonry is susceptible to weather conditions on all sides. With repeated exposure brick can become damaged and cause structural instability in the chimney. Because brick is a porous material, water can become trapped inside the tiny crevices. On the next cold day the liquid expands and causes the brick to crack. If water is allowed to run though chimney brick it will eventually erode the masonry and find its way inside. This is the main cause for mildew, discoloration, and even chimney collapse. Waterproofing is usually provided by chimney repair companies and can prevent these issues from occurring.

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