3 Reasons Why You Need Help From an Estate Planning Attorney in Houston, TX

You have your last will and testament in place already. So isn’t that all you need to do to prepare your estate? Not really, because still you run the risk of leaving things undone. To ensure that everything is in order, the most practical step you can take is to schedule a meeting with an estate planning attorney in Houston, TX. Here are 3 reasons why this legal help is so important.

#1 Your estate has many documents to prepare

Putting a will together is a good start, but there are other documents that you’ll need to prepare. For example, who would manage your finances if you were hospitalized and unable to take care of them? You should have a power of attorney in place for this. While you probably have one already for managing the finances, you should consider creating a medical power of attorney too. This is especially important if you don’t have a spouse or child to make those decisions when you are in no condition to do so.

#2 Not all assets are covered in a will

Did you know that there could be assets not covered in your will? Things like retirement accounts and life insurance which may require additional documentation. So it’s best to talk with legal counsel about this. By designating what happens to these funds, it’s easier for your estate’s executor to carry out your wishes when the time comes.

#3 An Estate Planning Attorney can help you create a trust

Finally, consider future assets that you might want to set aside for the care of your children or other loved ones. Creating one or more trusts can ensure the funds are properly allocated for this purpose. Your estate planning attorney in Houston, TX can help you compare the different types of trusts, and identify which ones best suit your needs.

Preparing a will is the first step to planning the estate, but there’s still more to do. Working with a lawyer ensures that your assets are allocated as you see fit, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing everything is in order. For more information, please visit Katherine Boyd Law.

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