3 Things You Should Do Immediately After a Trucking Accident

While every type of auto accident is unnerving, it can be especially troubling to be involved in a trucking accident. However, keeping calm after the accident can benefit you when you need to consult a South Milwaukee trucking accident lawyer. As long as you stay rational, you’ll be able to collect the information your lawyer will need.

Exchange Insurance Information

While you wait for emergency personnel to arrive at the scene, take the time to exchange names, contact information, and insurance information with the truck driver. While you will need to talk to each other to exchange this information, avoid discussing the accident. Keep in mind that anything you say can be used to invalidate your claim.

Take Photos

You can also take pictures of the damages while you’re waiting for the police to arrive. In particular, try to get clear, close-up photos of the damages done to your vehicle. It may also help to get pictures of the truck’s damages and license plate.

Make a Statement

Even if the police tell you it’s not necessary, be sure you get to include your statement in the accident report. This will ensure your version of the accident is included in the official report. That will help you in filing your claim, and it will help your South Milwaukee trucking accident lawyer build a stronger case for you.

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