4 Essential Tips for Mice Control

Homes and businesses throughout New York need to contend with a range of pests that might invade and set up shop, ranging from ants and cockroaches to squirrels and even raccoons. However, mice control is perhaps the single most important consideration, particularly as the weather grows colder and these rodents look for a warm place to survive the winter. Here are four important tips for mice control to help prevent them from infesting your New York home or business.

1. Seal It Up

One of the most important tips here is more about prevention than controlling an existing infestation. Take a look around your home or business from the outside. Look for any cracks or openings that might allow mice to enter the structure. Remember that all a mouse need are a hole the size of a dime – that’s more than ample room for them to squeeze through and into your basement, or to climb through the siding into your home. Seal up any openings that you find to help prevent mice from getting a foothold.

2. Cleanliness Matters

In addition to sealing up your home, you should also take steps to make it less appealing to mice. Mice are attracted to several things – a warm place to spend the winter and make babies, and a reliable source of food. Cleanliness is one of the most important steps toward mice control, particularly in restaurants and other food-service businesses. However, even residential homes can benefit from better cleanliness.

3. Set Out Traps

If you’ve seen a mouse, mouse droppings, or just suspect that there might be mice living in your home or business, setting out traps is an excellent step toward controlling them. If you don’t like the old-style spring traps, you can find a range of other options, including poison bait stations, electronic mouse traps, no-kill traps, and more. Set these out in the runway that mice are using.

4. Call the Pros

Finally, if you believe that mice have made it into your home or business, it’s probably a wise decision to call in a professional pest control company. Once established, mice can be virtually impossible to eliminate on your own.

At Viking Pest Control, we have years of experience with mice control and can help eradicate them from your New York home or business quickly and safely.

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