4 Services Provided By General Dentistry in Salem OR

Dental appointments allow individuals to ensure their oral health is protected. On average, a person should schedule at least two dental visits a year. Knowing the types of services that are available from General Dentistry in Salem OR will help individuals to be prepared to seek the dental care they need right away.

Four Important Dental Services

There are many services available from General Dentistry in Salem OR. Being aware of the following will help individuals to stay on top of their oral health and work to protect themselves from cavities and gum disease which are two of the biggest threats to a healthy smile.

  • Preventative dental care is a crucial service available from general dentistry. Preventative care involves teeth cleaning, examinations, and X-rays. These are all coupled together to help individuals protect their oral health and avoid problems that could lead to tooth loss. These appointments should be scheduled twice a year for the best results.
  • When someone develops a cavity, it is important they seek treatment from a dentist right away. The dentist will be able to remove the decayed tooth tissue and replace it with a filling. A filling offers protection against nerve exposure and also helps to strengthen the tooth and prevent further damage from occurring. Fillings also help to prevent the spread of decay.
  • Tooth replacement is also an important part of general dentistry. When a tooth is missing, individuals will find it more difficult to eat. Bridges and dental implants can both be used to replace missing teeth, depending on the needs of the patient. Dental implants are a permanent replacement option while bridges last for a specific number of years.
  • Root canals are also an important part of dentistry treatment. When a tooth has become damaged by decay or infection, a root canal can save the tooth and prevent it from dying. This procedure can save a tooth and stop the pain.

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