4 Top Reasons Why a Responsive Website is So Important Today

Have you visited sites with your phone or tablet that just don’t look right? Ones where the photos and content are unreadably small or strangely bunched together? Chances are good that it was created with old web design methods, before the smartphone arrived. The fix being promoted by Google is called Responsive Web Design. In a nutshell, it’s a set of design rules to ensure that your site is friendly to anything smaller than a desktop computer screen. That includes tablets, phones and other touchscreen devices of all sizes. There are four reasons you should implement this right away.

1. The Internet Has Been Driven to Mobile

Several billion people have smartphones or tablets today, and more than half of all searches and purchases are made from them. You’ll miss out on a huge chunk of your market if you don’t support what your customers prefer to use.

2. Google is Watching

Google controls most web search traffic today. They’ve been telling everyone for several years now that responsive sites “may” ultimately rank higher in their search results. This is certainly not the only factor, and Google will never tell you for sure, but why not be safe and use the web design they recommend?

3. Potential Customers Will Click Away

Customers have many sites to choose from, so why should they spend their precious time trying to find their way around a site that’s difficult? They’ll click away if it’s too hard to read text, fill out forms or activate links.

4. Clients Lose Confidence in Your Business

Even your best customers will wonder if they should keep doing business with you, if your site looks like virtual dust and tumbleweeds are blowing past every time they visit. If it’s difficult to order something, or even join your list, why should they have confidence that their purchase will be properly completed and shipped?

Embrace Responsive Web Design Now

To stay in the good graces of Google and your customers, you need to update your older sites with these newer methods today. Visit website to know more.

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