A Few Benefits of Having Biometric fingerprint Door Locks Installed

Not too long ago, you might have thought that a biometric fingerprint door lock belonged in some fancy science fiction or tech movie. However, today, these locking systems are becoming standard in both residential and commercial settings. If you need to change or update your current locks, consider using a biometric fingerprint door lock. The following are five benefits of making the switch.

No More Lost Keys

If you’ve ever lost a key or two, you’ll understand the feeling of vulnerability that comes along with missing keys. It makes you want to go out and change your locks immediately. Well, you certainly can’t lose a finger like you lose a key. This fact alone makes fingerprint doors more secure and valuable than doors opened by keys.

No Picking

If you have traditional locks with keys, keep in mind that thieves don’t need a key to get into your house. These trained looters can simply pick your lock. With a biometric fingerprint door lock, there are no pins and tumblers in place to pick. Unless the crook has your finger, they’re not getting in.

No Hacking

Card readers are common types of locks. The problem with them, however, is they can be hacked. The same can not be said for fingerprint locks. With a fingerprint door lock in place, the only person getting in is the person with the right fingerprints.

Record Generation

Fingerprint locks generate a record of entry and exit wherever they are used. This feature is great for businesses (as well as residential) because it helps keep official logs of the comings and goings at your company.

Not Expensive

You might think that biometric technology of this nature would be too expensive for most people and small businesses. However, the truth is that biometric fingerprint doors are affordable and financially within reach of a large number of both residential and commercial customers.

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