A Good Personal Injury Attorney in Longview, TX Can Make a Difference in a Liability Case

People get hurt all the time. Often, this is due to their own carelessness, such as running into a wall because they were walking and texting. However, there are situations where an injury occurs through the fault of someone else. For example, someone is texting and driving and causes a car accident. When this occurs, it’s considered as an act of negligence.

When someone else is at fault for property damage or for injuries, they are personally responsible for paying for that damage. Often, this is settled through insurance, which people purchase only for such occasions. However, there are far too many situations where an insurance company will refuse to pay the full amount needed to cover everything, or they will refuse to pay at all. This is where a personal injury attorney in Longview, TX comes in.

Not for Every Case

It’s necessary to understand that not every case of negligence will meet the threshold for a lawyer to take the case. While this may make someone think a lawyer is greedy, at the end of the day, lawyers need to make money from their cases, and they want their clients to make money too. As such, if the potential payout for an injury case is $5,000 to $20,000, a lawyer may not even consider this. It costs a lot of money to launch a case, and if the potential payout it too small, it won’t cover lawyer fees, administrative fees, doctor fees, and so on. In these cases, they may recommend someone take their case to small claims court.

Understanding the Process

On TV, an injury case looks like it might take a couple of weeks at most to resolve. In truth, however, a personal injury attorney in Longview, TX may have to go back and forth with an insurance company for several months before getting the case resolved. If the insurance company is being stubborn and the case has to go to court, the process can actually take years.

This information isn’t meant to discourage you, it’s just meant to help you understand that getting the compensation that you deserve could take time. A good lawyer can streamline this process and be effective at getting the insurance company to play ball. If you’ve been injured at work, at a store or in an accident, speak with the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. today for a consultation. Like us on Facebook.

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