A Septic Tank Cleaning in Fort Myers Florida in One of Many Things You Can Do to Keep Your Septic Tank Operating as Designed

Most home owners, when thinking about their septic tank, are under the assumption that having a septic tank cleaning Fort Myers Florida every few years is all that needs to be done. To reduce the risk of costly problems or the need for septic tank replacement, in addition to a septic tank cleaning, home owners should make use of the following tips. Doing so helps to boost the benefits of a regular septic tank cleaning Fort Myers Florida, which should be done every three to five years for a 1,000 gallon tank.

  • Have the tank inspected every year. Make this part of your spring cleaning list or do this every year as you prep your home for winter. Septic pumpers are more than happy to handle this inspection for you and look for any problems which may become bigger over time.
  • Either remove your garbage disposal from your sink or have your tank pumped more frequently. Septic tanks are designed to deal with human waste. Anything you put into the tank that doesn’t fall into this category can shorten the life of the tank.
  • Never use the toilet for trash. Every time you put something in the toilet, you are reducing the amount of time before the tank will need to be pumped. As with the garbage disposal, either eliminate the non-human waste you put into the toilet or have the tank pumped more frequently.
  • Never divert basement sump pumps or roof drains into the septic tank. The goal is to have the tank draining as little water as possible. Try to make the switch to a front load washing machine which uses less water than a top loader. Use the dishwasher when washing dishes rather than doing this chore by hand as the dishwasher uses less water which means less is going into the septic tank. Be sure to scrap any loose food waste off before putting dishes into the dishwasher though as the food waste can be harmful to the tank.
  • Avoid liquid hand soaps and toilet bowl cleaners as both interfere with the bacteria in the septic tank. This bacteria is needed to break down toilet paper and waste products. The same is true of body and bath oils.

Ask your septic pumper for other hints and tips to protect your septic tank. Doing so will save you a great deal of frustration in the future.


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