Am I A Candidate for a Cosmetic Dental Procedure?

If you could, is there something you would change about your smile? Many people say yes. The good news is that you are likely a candidate for cosmetic dentistry St Johns FL right this minute. Here are some examples of conditions that the right cosmetic dental procedure can correct.

A Few Teeth Need Straightening

Teeth that are not aligned does more than take away from your smile. The fact that the bite is off slightly does increase the potential for unnecessary wear on the teeth. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to straighten your teeth and ensure your smile and your bite are in top condition.

You’d Like to Get Rid of the Gaps

Your teeth are basically healthy and look fine. The only issue is that you have tiny gaps in between each tooth. The good news is that a little cosmetic dentistry St Johns FL will easily correct the problem. From procedures involving bonding to the use of veneers, it’s possible to close the gaps while still ensuring your teeth are perfectly proportioned.

You Have Teeth That are Cracked or Chipped

There’s no reason why you have to live with teeth that are damaged in some way. From chipped spaces that leave your teeth uneven to cracks that weaken teeth, there are several approaches to cosmetic dentistry St Johns FL that will repair your smile. When the work is done, no one will ever know your teeth were damaged.

Would you like to change something about your smile? Do you wonder what could be done to make your teeth look better? At Cypress Point Family Dentistry, we have the solutions you seek. Call today or visit to request an appointment. Being happy with the look and feel of your teeth may be a lot easier than you think.

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