An Oil Investment Offers Many Advantages

If you listen to certain pundits on the financial circuit, there is absolutely no investment as secure and profitable as gold. In a time of economic uncertainty, many people tend to assume that gold is going to have value over other types of financial vehicles because of its intrinsic worth. In fact, during the recent recession in the United States, the price of gold skyrocketed from $300 per ounce to almost five times that amount.

With such steep increases in the value of gold, many people began to tout it as one of the only solid and sure commodities available, and a away to offset or recover from losses incurred through traditional stocks and bonds, or even 401Ks and other instruments. Gold, however, is not the sure thing that many people assume that it is, despite all the hype. Its increase in value is dependent on a financial bubble in an inflated market that many experts, such as billionaire Warren Buffet, indicate is bound to pop.

A far more stable oil investment that isn’t dependent on financial markets is regarded by many as a far safer bet than gold. An oil investment is more secure for several reasons. First, oil and gas continue to be the main source of fuel throughout the entire world. Because there is a limited supply and an incredible demand, its price tends to increase without overreaching the consumer. Secondly, there are no competitive industries to decrease demand. Alternative energy sources have yet to achieve the technology or practicality to make them capable of competing realistically with gas and oil as major resources. Thirdly, the federal government offers specific incentives to individuals to make an oil investment through significant tax breaks as a way to help relieve our dependence on foreign oil and stimulate our own economy.

Given these important factors, an oil investment is far more secure than gold, and unlike god it offers liquidity and longevity simultaneously. Investors in an oil rig receive an ongoing cash flow throughout the life of the investment in accord with the production of specific units. There is not equivalent benefit if you invest in gold. Moreover, a successful well can allow an investor to pay off his initial investment in two to four years while simultaneously benefitting from production. Someone who invests in gold, on the other hand, is reliant upon a fluctuating market for potential profit or loss.

An oil investment is not only more stable than gold and other commodities, but it can be far more profitable as well. For this reason, an increasing number of investors turn to oil to diversify accounts or offset losses elsewhere.

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