As Good As Homemade from a Food Manufacturer in Cleveland, OH

Have you noticed that a growing number of supermarkets and other stores are carrying distinctive products made by small companies? Perhaps you have a recipe of your own that you’d like to market. How does a creative recipe move from someone’s kitchen to grocery store shelves?

Look for a Manufacturer Who Loves to Work With Small Businesses

There are Food Manufacturers in Cleveland, OH, who focus on quality without neglecting other factors. You’ll want a manufacturer who knows about good cooking

and good food science. Your food manufacturer should know how to make your recipe shelf-stable without destroying the fresh, homemade taste that makes your product special.

Find a Company that is as Excited About Food as You Are

It takes both knowledge and passion to create one of a kind food products. Look for someone at your manufacturer who also loves to spend hours in the kitchen, experimenting, whisking, basting, smelling and testing.

Using Small Batch Testing for Big Savings on Product Research

It may take a lot of tests to bring your product to perfection. Ingredients are expensive. Find a manufacturer who is used to doing frequent testing with small batches so you have enough money for marketing after you’ve paid for R&D.

Make Sure Your Product will be Allergy and Contamination Free

In today’s health-conscious environment it pays to use a manufacturer who is trained in managing food allergens, reducing saturated fats and making sure your product is gluten-free. They should also be able to create accurate nutrition information labels. Safe packaging is important, too. Look beyond baseline government inspection and find a manufacturer who is SQF and PCQI certified.

For more information contact Signature Sauces.

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