Avoid Illness with Pet Vaccinations in Barnegat, NJ

Your pet needs routine care to remain healthy. There are several things that happen when you attend an annual exam at your veterinarian’s office. Your pet’s overall health is determined, and bloodwork may be taken to assess if certain diseases are present. This is also the time that you are given prescriptions for flea and heartworm preventions. Vaccinations are often the main reason for the annual visit. Your pet must have certain vaccinations according to the law. They may also need them to go places such as the dog park or a boarding facility.

The Necessities

When it comes to pet vaccinations, there are many to choose from. When you have a young animal that has never been vaccinated, the vet may put them on a vaccination schedule. Vaccines are needed more often when your pet has never had them before. Older animals usually have their vaccinations updated once a year. Rabies is the main shot that needs to be given. It is required by law in most states. Rabies is a fatal disease that can affect both humans and animals. Several other vaccinations are also given annually. These are often different, depending on the type of animal. Dogs need to be immune against to things such as parvo, distemper, and Bordetella. Pet vaccinations in Barnegat, NJ can prevent many deadly diseases.

Preventative Medications

The annual exam is also a time to refill your preventative medications. The nurse may issue the pet vaccinations, and then you can talk to the doctor about these medications. If your dog has not had heartworm preventative recently, you may have to have a blood test done to see if they have heartworms. The result of this test determines the type of treatment or prevention. Flea medications are often combined with heartworm prevention for dogs. These come in pill form, although there are also several topical flea medications available. Contact us to make an appointment today.

Many pets are treated like family. Their owners like to see them healthy and comfortable. Annual exams that include a vaccination schedule can help your pet avoid many dangerous diseases.

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