Be Prepared With a Generator

When the power goes out, are you prepared? Does a power outage cause a major disruption for your business? We offer Generac generators sale in Winnetka. These durable generators are designed to power essential equipment in the event of a power outage. The generators are easy to learn how to use. You can train all of your staff on how to start the generator in case of a power outage at your business.

Instead of having to shutter your doors during a power outage, you can continue to serve the community and your customers. If you provide an important service to your customers, being able to stay open when the power is out shows that you are dependable and reliable. The quality generators that we install could make a big difference for your business. We offer a range of generator capacities to meet your needs. Whether you need to power an ice machine or an array of freezers, we are ready to help.

We assess your needs and help you select the right generator. The installation process takes place in one day. We deliver and install it efficiently. Our technicians test the generator in order to ensure its safe and effective operation. We also teach you how to safely operate the generator. Our technicians recommend an annual maintenance visit for your generator. This can be done during your other HVAC services. Routine maintenance ensures that the generator will be ready to use in the event of an unexpected power outage in Winnetka.

We are proud to install quality Generac generators. At Penco Electric Inc., we offer affordable prices for Generac generators sale in Winnetka. Contact us by phone or visit us online for more information about the types of generators we have and how the installation process works.

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