Benefits of Using a Career Advisor

The job market is fierce today as more people get bachelor’s and advanced degrees. And unless you keep up, you may find yourself struggling to get interviews. The same holds true with mid-career individuals, who may feel out of touch with their job search strategies. Whatever the case, a career advisor can help you wherever you are in your career. And here are five reasons you should consider hiring one.

Skill and Career Assessment
If you are a recent graduate, a career advisor can help you list and analyze your skills — some of which you may not recognize yourself. For mid-level workers, a Career Advisor Anaheim CA can assess your transferrable skills and recommend other careers you should consider, even outside your particular field or industry.

Recommend Training or Courses
After assessing your current skills and experience, a professional career advisor can recommend certain courses or training programs that will enhance your changes of landing the perfect job. For example, she may recommend that a marketing research analyst take a course in SPSS or SAS because they’re essential in the marketing analytics arena.

Resume Development
Your Career Advisor Anaheim CA representative can help you streamline your resume so it gets more attention from employers. These professionals are in communication with companies and know the types of resumes that work.

Interview Preparation
Career experts can assist you with the key phases of the interview process. For one thing, they can guide you on the proper dress and etiquette for interviewing. Your career advisor can also tell you which questions to anticipate on interviews, and how to answer even the most difficult ones.

Know Where Jobs Are
A Career Advisor Anaheim CA can show you the best places to look for jobs. In fact, some of them help run job fairs and conventions where employers are present. Your career advisor can also teach you how to network and expand your job possibilities.

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