Check Out The New Wall Decor in Ft. Lauderdale FL

Wallpaper is back in style. Or, maybe it was never out of style. The new wallpaper designs and patterns appeal to a wide range of homeowners and commercial building owners. Wall decor in Ft. Lauderdale FL includes all over designs, natural textures, graphic designs, photographic murals, and custom designs. The new wall coverings can be more durable and stain resistant. They can become the focal point of a room.

Wall Murals

Wall decor in Ft. Lauderdale FL can take the form of photographic murals or murals with graphic designs or company logos. New printing technology and inks make almost unlimited designs possible. The murals can be ordered in different sizes depending on the measurements of the wall to be covered. A mural can become the focal point of an otherwise uninteresting room. Murals can also set the decor theme for a room. Children’s murals change a small plain bedroom into a child’s special place.

Wallpaper Designs

Wallpaper that comes in rolls is easier than ever to install and more durable. Strippable wallpaper is easier to remove without damaging the wall underneath it. The wallpaper patterns and colorways can match any decor. Designs can be traditional, floral, contemporary, graphics, or background textures. Wallpaper can come in stripes, checks, plaids, or wood grains. There are wallpaper choices that look like silk, grasscloth, linen, brick, or stone.

People use wallpaper for many different reasons including hiding damaged walls, adding interest to otherwise plain rooms, making design and color statements, and enhancing a decor theme. There are wallpapers that are very durable for use in commercial settings. There are also wallpaper designs meant for children’s rooms.

Wallpaper Borders and Companions

Wallpaper comes in different size borders meant to coordinate with wallpaper patterns or to use alone. There are groups of wallpaper patterns meant to be used together for a coordinated look. The new wallpaper collections come in many colors, patterns, and price points so that everyone can find the perfect pattern for their home or commercial building. Wallpaper distributors stock many patterns and colorways of wallpaper and can order many more. Check out for more information.

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