Considerations When Choosing Hurricane Shutters

In many parts of the United States, the increasing number and severity of tropical storms and hurricanes have prompted homeowners to invest in hurricane panels, hurricane impact windows and also hurricane shutters. These items add to the protection of the home while adding screen enclosures is also a way to add value to the property with a durable and long-lasting additional structure.

When added to a home as a package, the choice of the screened in area of the home and hurricane protection for the windows is a great package. A few companies can provide all of these products, allowing the homeowner to work with a trusted business. A great example of this is Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures, a company with decades of expertise.

Choosing the right hurricane impact windows, shutters and screen enclosures to match the style and architecture of the home is important. Both of these add-ons to the home should look natural and as if they were custom designed to suit the property.

Type of Shutters

The two most popular options in shutters to protect from debris during a hurricane are roll-down or accordions. Both are ideal for a home and are largely out of sight when not in use. By choosing a company offering a skilled installation service, the shutters are installed to operate quickly and easily and require extremely limited maintenance.

Enclosed and screened areas of the home are perfect for enjoying great weather without invading insects becoming a problem. These types of enclosure, when professionally designed and installed, are also resistant to windstorms and can withstand substantial storms.

These two additions to a house are a simple option for enhancing your home. They also make the home safer and more enjoyable, while adding to the home’s value.

At Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures, we can customize and install a full line of hurricane impact windows and custom build large or small screen enclosures for your home. To find out more, see us online TODAY.

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