Corporate Payroll Services Turns Companies Into Great Employers

iStock_000017017043Large31-300x113Completing the payroll for a company is a major process. In order to have a successful business, it is crucial that the payroll is processed correctly and is efficient. Sometimes there are too many rules and regulations within the company management. This can create complications and make it difficult to focus on the core service of the company and payroll. Corporate Payroll Services will allow the business to do both successfully.

Corporate Payroll Services goes beyond just issuing paychecks. Payroll is complicated as it involves figuring proper pay for both employees and contractors. Correctly processing garnishments and levies such as back taxes and child support are also a key aspect of paying workers. Also, these withholdings must be calculated based on what the employee elects on the proper forms. Since each employee has a different situation, there can be no uniformed number to use. There are different amounts based on marital status and number of exemptions claimed. Then there could be additional steps to follow when withholding from bonus and severance pay.

Next, Ensuring that the right amount of taxes, retirement, and benefit elections are withheld, makes a difference between being a good and a great employer. No employee wants to discover that when they filed their income taxes that the employer withheld too little or not at all when the employee correctly completed the withholding forms. Once the deductions are calculated and withheld it is time to pay the employee using they method they prefer. Paper checks, direct deposit, or pay cards can be difficult for a company to handle on its own. A payroll provider is able to offer all three so that employees are able to receive their money how they choose.

PhotosmoneyFinally, sometimes there are compliance issues with different government agencies that must be handled. New hire reporting and work authorization checks can be time consuming and confusing. The employment taxes on the federal, state and local levels are reasons many in house accounting and human resources departments are over stressed. There are many parts to correctly calculating the required amount of the employer’s portion of employment taxes. The great solution is a third party payroll provider because they will be able to reduce stress. Hiring a payroll provider from The Payroll Store will allow the company get back to the core service and continue to grow.

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