Criminal Defense Attorneys In Rockford, IL Provide A Free Consultation To Discuss Your Case

When you are in trouble with the law, receiving sound legal advice will help you to make the right decisions about your case. Criminal defense attorneys in Rockford, IL will provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss the circumstances surrounding the case. During the consultation, the attorney will learn more about the evidence and how the police arrested the individual.

When the police did not follow the mandatory legal procedures for performing the arrest, certain evidence might be suppressed against the arrested individual. An attorney will also find the underlying cause of the situation. Early intervention by an attorney is necessary for the best outcome.

After An Arrest

If an individual has been arrested, they should not provide the police with any information other than their name. Once they are put in jail, they should only discuss their case with an attorney. An individual should never discuss the case with other inmates or to friends and family over the telephone.

When an attorney is involved as soon as an individual is arrested, they can immediately begin protecting the individual’s rights. A bond hearing will be held very shortly after an individual has been arrested. At this hearing, the attorney will have an opportunity to speak with the prosecuting attorney and assess the evidence.

DUI or DWI Arrest

Hiring an attorney who will successfully represent the individual against criminal charges is critical. Not only is the hearing or trial important for the initial charge, the evidence that is presented could also affect any post-conviction relief matters. If an experienced attorney does not properly present the evidence in court, appealing the case to a higher court and winning could be difficult.

After an arrest, a driver will be given a Notice of Intention to suspect their license. If a hearing is not required within seven days to avoid default, the license will be suspended. Criminal defense attorneys in Rockford, IL will never let their client miss these important deadlines.

Minor or major crimes will cause your life difficulty. When you contact Crosby Law Firm for a free consultation, you will learn whether your case is worth fighting or if the attorney should attempt to negotiate a plea deal.

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