Custom Kitchen Renovation in Pittsburgh PA Focused on Expanding the Space and Bringing in Light

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeler

If a homeowner wants to see their home increase in value beyond their typical expectations, they need to renovate the kitchen in dramatic fashion. It is no longer safe to say that homes will just appreciate naturally, as the home crisis proved. To increase the value, there needs to be some active effort on the part of the homeowners. The kitchen acts as that soulful center to the home. It also screams money when done properly.

A Custom Kitchen Renovation in Pittsburgh PA can be approached in an assortment of ways. Hopefully the below will provide some useful tips to implementing cabinetry and other aspects to make a kitchen come to life. These ideas go beyond just the basics in supplying design choices that a potential buyer will fall in love with.

Cabinetry High and Low

Cabinetry can rest high as well as low depending on the need for storage. This provides a thicker dimension to the kitchen space that is different than the traditional line of cabinets at eye level. For example, the kitchen island can fit cabinets in the bottom that can fill in for extra storage without affecting the surrounding space.

Kitchen Expanded

In the 70’s and earlier, kitchens were designed as small little nooks in many parts of the nation. This obviously runs contrary to the contemporary notion of a kitchen that brings light and openness. Kitchens are versatile in their structure. For example, a Custom Kitchen Renovation in Pittsburgh PA around cabinetry can be lined up along the side and encompass part of the ‘extra’ space in the kitchen. This is space that is used as an office or where the dining table is. Cabinetry is not just for dishes, and its versatile shelf space could accommodate other needs in the home.

Walls can actually be knocked down to eat up other parts of the home in order to bring a greater fullness to the kitchen area. A displaced wall could be done for good reason even if it simply brings in extra light and provides a bit of a bar type area where people can communicate or eat.

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