Dealing With Squirrels In The Attic In Edmond OK

One problem that many home owners deal with is pest control. An infestation of squirrels can happen to anyone and requires the expertise of certified professionals. Dealing with squirrels in attic Edmond OK can be a frustrating experience and pest control specialists are well trained on how to control and resolve the situation.

Squirrels are typically thought of as cute little animals that live in trees and forage for nuts, not destructive pests. When a squirrel discovers that an area of the house, such as the attic, would better serve as a nesting spot than a tree, serious damage can occur. The animal will find a way to enter the house and typically chews on a small opening to make a larger access hole. Once inside the house, the squirrel will eventually destroy the attic insulation in an attempt to make a nest. It will also chew on the wires running through the room as well as damage items in storage. The build up of animal and food waste also contribute to the destruction.

At this point a removal specialist needs to be called. They are well educated in the common problems associated with squirrels and know any legal conditions that may apply to the capture of a squirrel. A certified control specialist will most likely use a combination of humane techniques to rid the attic of the pest. The first step is the placement of box cages to trap the squirrel without causing any harm to the animal. The baited traps are set in the most effective locations and allow the specialist to remove the pest without any personal contact. Once the squirrel has been removed from the attic the specialist will use the exclusion technique of closing off all available entry points to prohibit any re-entry to the house. They will also repair any damage the pest has done so that the house will feel secure and look like new again. Finally, if it appears necessary, the specialist will employ habitat modification techniques to force the squirrels into finding a new living environment. These include the removal of tree branches that support nests and sealing up tree crevices used by squirrels.

The removal of squirrels in attic Edmond OK is best left to professionals. The same-day service offered by the certified control specialists will guarantee that your life will return to normal in no time flat!

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