Determine the Best Time to Move Into Assisted Living and What to Take

Deciding to move an elderly family member into an assisted care facility can be a challenge, especially if the family member is dealing with memory challenges. Here are a few tips to help make the process easier.

When talking with professionals who offer family care services in Palm Coast, FL, some have recommended that the family member not be involved in the packing process. Making decisions and going through processes that have multiple steps can present challenges. Observe which items your loved one uses the most and pack these things.

It is not necessary to take too many items to the assisted living facility. Talk to those who offer family care services in Palm Coast, FL, and see if they have suggestions. What usually happens when anyone moves is that they realize that they do not need as much as they think. For those who are dealing with memory loss, having too many items and too many options can make them feel confused and frustrated.

Elderly individuals who are dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s typically have times of the day when they are feeling their best. It is wise to plan the move during a time of day when the individual feels good. For example, if they feel their best in the morning and their worst at sundown, plan to make the move early in the day. This will help them get settled and feel comfortable while they are still feeling well.

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