Differences Between White, Mason, and Concrete Sand in San Marcos, TX

It may be tempting to assume that a project that requires concrete sand in San Marcos, TX can be just as easily completed using masonry sand or white sand, but in reality, each material is different. Whether readers are contractors looking to source one or more of these different types of sand for work or they’re property owners looking to complete a DIY construction or hardscaping project, they’ll need to understand these differences before placing an order. Read on to get started finding out more about each of these important types of sand below.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand in San Marcos, TX is typically composed of a mix of aggregates, which could include limestone, granite, trap rock, or gneiss. These aggregates are generally crushed on-site at a quarry and are screened to ensure that there are no large rocks present. Concrete sand, with its larger aggregates, is a key ingredient in cement and hot asphalt, but it can also be used to level the ground before installing pools, patios, or walkways.

Mason Sand

Although mason sand is crushed on-site just like concrete sand and is typically composed of the same materials, it is much finer. The fineness of the grains is ensured by washing the sand through screens, which allows manufacturers to offer a uniform product. Mason sand can be used in cement, but it is more expensive and should thus only be used in projects that require a more finished appearance.

White Sand

The primary advantage of white sand is that its distinctive color and extremely fine texture make it perfect for applications where it is likely to be seen and walked in. While it could be used in cement, its comparatively high price tag makes this approach cost ineffective and white sand is more frequently seen in backyard sandboxes, beach volleyball courts, or in golf course sand traps. It is also used to create beaches at inland lakes.
The Bottom Line

No matter what type of sand readers are looking for, they’ll need to find a supplier that can accommodate their needs. Check out LoftinMaterials.com to learn more about one local company that can help.

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