Different Kinds of Eye Surgery in Madison, AL

There are several different eye conditions that could result in damage to your vision without actually changing the ability to see. That’s because the eye is made up of a lens that directs light and then the ocular nerve and other structures that process that light and create vision. If you have damage to your lens, the ability of your ocular nerve will be undiminished. This means that repairing the damage to the nerve through eye surgery could restore your sight.


One of the most common problems throughout the world is the problem of cataracts. Cataracts are buildups of proteins on the eye’s surface. The lens will become foggy and crystallized. That will make it difficult to see. Many people report foggy vision, halos around lights, diminished night vision, and other symptoms that you would associate with foggy deposits on your eye. Cataract eye surgery in Madison, AL is a fairly quick procedure that can often reverse these effects.

You can read about the procedure at Specsofmadison.com. Typically, the doctor will offer a local anesthetic to numb the eye completely. Then a tiny incision will be made and the cataract removed. Finally, a new lens is placed on the eye.

Foreign Body

In some cases, a foreign body can get into your eye and affect your vision. It can cause irritation, loss of vision, pain, infection, and other problems, depending on what kind of foreign body is in your eye. For example, wood can have bacteria in its pores or metal can begin to rust. It’s important that you see an optometrist about it immediately. He or she will sometimes recommend eye surgery to remove the offending body.

These are just two kinds of surgery that are commonly performed by an optometrist. If you haven’t been to an eye doctor in a while or if you think that you have some kind of problem, you should schedule an appointment. Click here to know more about the different kinds of eye surgery in Madison, AL.

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