Divorce Attorneys in Toms River, NJ Can Answer Your Alimony Questions

Divorce or the dissolution of a civil relationship sometimes involves the payment of alimony. Alimony comes in one of various forms. Therefore, you need to discuss this type of disbursement with a competent attorney. Not only can they discuss types of alimony but they can share the criteria used for awarding payment.

How Alimony Decisions Are Made

Divorce attorneys in Toms River, NJ can explain how a court decides to award this type of payment. When deciding on an amount, a judge will consider each of the party’s needs or their ability to pay, the duration of the marriage or union, the age and physical and emotional health of the parties, and the standard of living that was established during the civil union or marriage.

Considering Your Child’s or Children’s Care and Financial Needs

Divorce attorneys will also ask you several questions about your past and current financial situations. Part of the alimony payment may be based on each party’s responsibility for the children’s care. This responsibility extends to the contributions made by each party to care for the children and how this care may have replaced other educational or job opportunities.

Experience a More Amicable Settlement

When speaking to divorce attorneys, you will also need to cover child custody if that is an issue. Only by referring to an attorney can you settle a divorce on more amicable terms. In these cases, emotions run high. That is why you need to make sure that you have all your legal bases covered. If you want to “play ball” to win, you need to rely on legal counsel.

Who to Contact Online

If you would like to learn more about family law services in Toms River, visit straffilaw.com today. Now is the time to make the decision to get on with your life. You can more easily get a divorce when you are backed by a professional attorney.

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