Do My Brakes Need Some Attention?

You’re familiar with some of the signs that your brakes near Orland Park need attention. If something is grinding or the pedal goes all the way to the floor, you know that immediate action is needed. Are there other signs that the brakes need to be checked? Here are three less common signs that the car needs to be examined by a professional.

You Smell Rubber Burning

You’ve noticed that there’s the scent of rubber burning when you press on the brakes. Since your system does include the use of brake pads and shoes, this could be a sign that the pads are wearing down. Before things get to the point of metal touching metal, take the car in and have the system checked. Doing so will ensure you avoid any serious trouble with the brakes near Orland Park.

It Takes Longer for the Vehicle to Come to a Complete Stop

The brakes do work and you haven’t noticed any unusual sounds or smells. Even so, it seems that the braking system takes a little longer to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. It could be your imagination or it could actually be happening. Get the system checked to be on the safe side. A minor repair or adjustment may be all it takes to restore the braking system’s full efficiency.

The Pedal Vibrates When You Press Downward

Have you noticed that the brake pedal seems to vibrate when you step on it? Does it seem as if the vehicle also vibrates or shimmies slightly when you apply the brakes? That could be a sign that the system is not working properly. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional check the brakes near Orland Park and find out if that’s the reason for the vibration.

Is it time to have the brakes checked? The team at VIP Tire Corporation can help. Use our convenient drop off service or contact us at to set up an appointment. It won’t take long to determine if there is an issue with the brakes, what needs to be done, and provide a quote. Once you authorize the work, we’ll make the repairs and have you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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